Star: Latin Lady

Big Butt Bonanza
Big Butt Bonanza
Release Date: 1/1/2006
Manufacturer: Bedtime Productions
Director: Mr. J. Handsome
Stars: Bam Bam | Chase | Cherokee | John E. Depth | Latin Lady | Michelle | Penny | Rori | Southern Comfort
MR. HANDSOME and his Bedtime Productions are back with another vintage fuck fest and as always, MR. HANDSOME'S BEDTIME PRODUCTIONS brings exciting, sex starved newcomers to the video screen for nothing but raw-dogg fucking and sucking. IN BEDTIME HONIES: A BIG BUTT BONANZA, Mr. Handsome matches his extraordinary feat of having the hottest, deep pussy newcomers deliver scene after fuck filled scene. This video is only matched by Bedtime Productions video "BEDTIME STORIES: A SALSA FANTASY" which is another must see jerk off video, brought to you by Mr. Handsome and Bedtime Productions. "A BIG BUTT BONANZA" is nothing short of superb video casting...with its vast array of "exceptionally fuckable, big butt honies, this video belongs in the collection of any true lover of big asses, small waist lines and deep pussys." And there is no shortage of long dicked studs probing and poking these fat asses all night long. BEDTIME HONIES: A BIG BUTT BONANZA is definitely a one of a kind crowd pleasure. This video is guaranteed to keep your hard-on hard for the entire 2 hours of fucking footage.