Star: Cher

Malibu Canyon Night 2 & Hollywood 2
Malibu Canyon Night 2 & Hollywood 2
Release Date: 1/1/2006
Manufacturer: New Vision Video
Stars: Bonita Saint | Cher | Gina Garcia | Heide Lynn | Jenny Anne | Karen Marie | Kim King | Lisa Gayle | Nikki Nova | Paulina Gentry | Taylor St. Claire
DOUBLE FEATURE! "Malibu Canyon Nights 2" -- They're back again! With a clink of a wine glass, and a shimmer of nylons, the beautiful babes of Malibu Canyon are at play again in their natural habitat: The bubbling hot tubs and cool clean waters of California's very own Riviera. Suit up and nude up for sixty more minutes of sexy fun. "Hollywood Nights 2" -- They're hot and steamy and model perfect. Straight from the pages of men's magazines, straight from the mansions of Tinseltown's elite, these picture perfect babes tease and grind to the driving instrumental beat. They make Hollywood Nights come alive ... for Hollywood Knights ... like you!