Trigger Medium Front

Trigger Medium Front Trigger Medium Back
Title: Trigger
Release Date: 1/1/2006 
Manufacturer: Pleasure Productions 
UPC: 626633451561
Director: Nic Cramer
Eric Price | Herschel Savage | Lauren Montgomery | Inari Vachs | Cheyenne Silver | Temptress | Tyce Bune | John Strong | Chris Cannon | Jade Marcella | Alexa Rae | Michael Raven | Dani Sexton | Jon Yuma | Anasatsia Romanov

It's the 3rd Millennium and, in the digital disk underground of a chaotic society, a new game is developed. It enables it's players to "go inside": Explore hidden secrets of the human libido, do anything you want, with anyone you want. This virtual reality program is bought and sold on the streets a drug-like disk that turns your dreams into reality and, reality into a dream. The opiate of the masses with the pull of aTRIGGER!

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